Meet Kayla Vega

We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Kayla Vega a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.

Mooresville's Own Kayla Vega Performs with Nickelback

PNC Music Pavilion

On September 12th, the talented Mooresville musician, Kayla Vega, delivered an extraordinary performance at the PNC Music Pavilion, where she sang with Nickelback. The enthusiastic response from the audience, which exceeded 15,000 people, was truly outstanding. We eagerly anticipate Kayla's future endeavors as she continues to ascend as a rock sensation. Congratulations, Kayla! The entire Mooresville community takes immense pride in your achievements!

To show your support for Kayla and enjoy her video performance, as well as access more photos of Nickelback, you can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

Meet Local Musician, And One Of The Morning Mix’s Favorite Friends, Kayla Vega

In a few weeks, this Mooresville woman will climb on stage with Nickelback. But then what?

Local Musician Kayla Vega Signs With KMG

On February 2, 2022, musician Kayla Vega of Mooresville, signed a contract with modeling and acting agency, Known Management Group.

Under the guidance of Agent/Owner Matthew Gonzales, Kayla will be kickstarting her modeling and acting career in an intensive 9-month program, which will help launch her career in the entertainment industry.

Kayla will continue to work on releasing new music. She is looking forward to this exciting opportunity to branch out in the talent industry.

“Along with being a musician, I am now focusing on a modeling and acting career,” said Kayla. “I will graciously continue to go through every door that opens for me.”